Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Craft Britannia Shop of the Week - Colour Me Fun

Pin It Over on Etsy I am a member of many teams one of them being Craft Britannia - this is a team for UK based Etsians and is a really great and supportive team.  One of the fantastic things they do is have a shop of the week where a different shop is chosen and we all help to promote them by tweeting, posting on Facebook, hearting things in their shop etc.  So I thought I would write a blog post dedicated to this week's shop - Colour Me Fun.

Colour Me Fun makes fabulous crayons in a variety of shapes and colours from dinosaurs to crowns, even your name in letters!!!

One of my favourites has to be lego crayons!!!
Lego Crayons

You can read more from Danielle of Colour Me Fun at the Craft Britannia Blog Interview