Monday, 21 January 2013

AJE Earring Challenge Reveal #1

Pin It So today is the first reveal of the earrings people have made for the AJE Earring Challenge.

I don't think I have mentioned this challenge in any real detail so here is the premise...  Make 1 pair of earrings every week this year (although they have broken it down into 13 week sections so you don't need to commit for the whole year.... you can commit to some all or of the weeks).  Then every 2 weeks post your photos onto your blog and share with everyone else via the Art jewelry elements blog.

Today is the 1st reveal....  The only restriction on what form our earrings take is that they must "feature at least one artisan component, such as a handmade charm or bead.  The artisan components may be made by you or by another artist."

So here is my first pair...

Red paper quilled earrings
These are made of red paper strips quilled tightly and glued together to make the square.  They have been covered with a layer of PVA glue to hold them in place and make them waterproof, though I think I will be investing in some sealant for future quilling projects!!  This is the first pair of quilled earrings I have made and I'm really happy with the results.  I hope to have some more finished in the coming weeks.  Look out for these in my Etsy shop soon.

And this is the second pair....

Black dyed silk cocoon earrings
These are another new idea from me - they are made from silk cocoons which have been dyed black.  I have inserted a eye pin through the top and connected a coiled headpin to it.  I've also added some seed beads top and bottom.  The cocoons came from a Craft Britannia team mate on Etsy Sarah Hopping - The Rainbow Girl.  Again they will be listed in my Etsy shop soon.

Hope you like them!!  Don't forget to pop over to the AJE post to see all the other submissions!!!