Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Back to Blogger

Pin It If you've visited my site recently you may notice that it looks different.  I switched from Blogger to Indiemade earlier this liking the idea of being able to import my Etsy listings into a store on my website with very little hassle.  The idea of Indiemade is fabulous, you can create a website that has a store, a blog, a gallery, news feed etc. and they are adding new functionality all the time but for me personally it's not quite there yet.  It's not a free site so I was paying them around £9 a month.  However I was missing the functionality of Blogger, the ability to have badges linking to other sites etc. down the side, the option to embed my mailing list sign up forms etc. so I've made the decision to switch back.  I'm looking into a way of building a store using Blogger (or something that integrates with Blogger) so if you have any good suggestions please let me know in the comments.

In the meantime I'll be tweaking the layout of the site and trying to import my blog posts from Indiemade.

Before I go let me make it clear that Indiemade is a great organisation and a great website builder it's just not for me at this moment in time but I'm not ruling out switching back to them in the future!!  Do go and check them out though!!!