Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How to match your necklace to your outfits neckline

Pin It Following on from last month's post about choosing the right length of necklace (see here) this month I am going to help you to choose the right style of necklace to go with the neckline of your outfit.

Choosing the right necklace to go with your outfit can be a nightmare, I've often spent longer trying to decide on the right accessories than I have picking my outfit and often ended up wearing no jewellery because I couldn't decide what to wear to complement the outfit, nothing looked right!!  Then I found this picture which helped to uncover the secrets!!!

  1. Turtleneck - Looks best with longer chain style necklaces.
  2. Crew Collar or bib necklaces look great.
  3. Scoop They look best with broader necklaces with layers and volume.
  4. Strapless A short choker necklace looks best.
  5. Square - Go for a angular pendant with this neckline.
  6. Off Shoulder You have full creativity to go here. But the larger the necklace the better.
  7. HalterneckA slim triangular neck piece with a pointy end.
  8. V NeckWear a necklace in a similar triangular V- shape that ends just above the neckline.
  9. Collar Go for a short round pendant or a choker.
  10. Boat NeckGo for several long strands of beads.
  11. Cowl No necklace, go for big feature earrings instead.
  12. Sweetheart A wide round necklace which covers the bare skin looks best.
Just remember that the higher the neckline the longer the necklace should be.  If the neckline is low then go for a shorter and rounder necklace.  Follow these tips and you'll never go wrong again!!

If your outfit has bold prints try looking for detail in your necklace that matches the pattern or design of your outfit.

So to summarise....

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The secrets behind choosing the right necklace length

Pin It Do you often wonder what necklace length or style would go with a particular neckline then wonder no more, in the first of 2 posts I'll help you to uncover the secrets!!  

The jewellery and accessories you choose completes your look and can make or break an outfit!!!  The right necklace can draw attention to areas that you don't like or help to conceal them.

The first stage in choosing the right necklace is to know the circumference of your neck.  Use a soft measuring tape and make sure it’s a snug fit to determine your size.  Keep in mind that clasps will add length and are often not included in the measurements quoted (I do usually include them in mine though).

Once you have your neck's measurement you should add at least 2 inches if you are buying a tight fighting necklace.  Use the following measurements as a guideline but remember to add on extra if your neck is bigger than 14 inches.

Necklace Lengths
14-16 inches. The choker, also called a chain or strand is supposed to wrap loosely around the neck, never restricting your neck when you take deep breaths.
18 inches. Usually called princess necklaces, these pieces of jewellery are designed to sit on the collarbone.
20 inches. Sitting just below the collarbone, a 20 inch necklace is called a matinée and is usually the standard length for adding lockets and pendants.
22 inches. Landing at the top of the bust, this also falls into the matinée category.
24 inches. A necklace this long should be at the centre of the bust or just below it.
28-38 inches. Hanging below the bust, a necklace in this region is either an opera necklace (30 inches), or a lariat (36 inches). The term rope refers to lariats without a clasp.
40 inches or more. At this length, necklaces hang below the navel and are usually worn wrapped around the neck, either two or three times.
You should also keep in mind what body shape you are and the neckline of your outfit but I'll post more about that next week....

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